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Language gives us the means to express ourselves. The ability to speak and to convey our ideas to others has allowed our species to thrive. It is impossible to imagine life without spoken language.


Scientifically, there is no real difference between the difficulty of languages: every language is similarly complicated, and you can describe the same things, express the same ideas, in any language.


Students, however, may find certain languages harder to learn than others. Different languages can use different linguistic tools, sounds, and grammatical structures to express the same thing. It is because of these differences that one language may seem harder than another, but this is highly subjective and depends on the individual student’s background and capacity.



English can be considered a universal language; it is the mother tongue of about 400-450 million people, furthermore, around 1,5-2 billion people speak it at some level. It is the number one second language in the world. From a communicational perspective, this language is a fundamental part of business worldwide (the language of corporations). It is a key part of everyday life, taught in many schools abroad, and here in Hungary. English is also the unofficial language of the Internet, since most of the films and music come from English-speaking countries; even materials not coming from these countries are normally dubbed and/or subtitled in English. It is the most widely spoken language in the EU, and the number one language of the UN.


Some countries that use English as an official language: The United Kingdom, Ireland, The United States of America, Canada, New Zealand,  Australia

German is one of the 10 most spoken languages in the world. It is the most common mother tongue in Europe, more than 100 million people use it as a first language and 80-90 million people use it as a second language. German is the second most important language in the world of science and technology. It is worth to choose German if you work, or would like to work, in a German speaking country, or if your business partners are German. In Hungary, speaking this language is very useful if you work in the tourism industry, as many German-speaking people are coming to our country every year. The second most spoken language on the Internet is German, and the 18 % of the books published in the world are in German. Its grammatical system is very similar to Hungarian; the majority of foreign words are from Latin and Greek, and a smaller part them are from French and from other languages.


Countries that use German as an official language: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland

Spanning 5 continents, more than 200 million people are speaking French. French, after English, is the second most taught language in the world, and is the 9th most spoken language worldwide. French is one of the 2 languages that you can learn in any country (English being the other one).  Speaking in French is a very big advantage in the international employment market. In the world of the Internet, French is the 3rd most used language. The knowledge of French makes it easier to learn another Latin language. There is also an important French international media network. French is the formal language, and the language of the workplace, of the UN, the UNESCO, the NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the Red Cross and of many other international legal institutions.


Countries that use French as an official language: France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Congo and Madascar.

At this moment, Spanish is the mother language of 350 million people, this makes it the second most spoken language in the world. Spanish is the official language in more than 20 countries, and since most of these countries are in the economically strong Latin-America, this language is a good choice for people who plan to work in this region. Spanish is the second most used language in international communication, as well as the third most used language of the Internet. Latin-America and Spain are popular tourist destinations, frequented by millions of people every year. It functions as an official language at UN, EU and UNESCO.


Countries that use it as an official language:   Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Peru, Chile

Hungarian is spoken by 15 million people, yet the number of speakers is decreasing. It is spoken in the Republic of Hungary as well as its neighboring countries. Many Hungarians live in Europe and overseas due to the migration that took place in the 19th- 20th century. Many consider it – because of its complexity and pronunciation – one of the most difficult languages to learn. If you plan to live, work or study in our country for an extended period, it is worth knowing the beauty of the Hungarian language.


Official language in: Hungary, Vojvodina (autonomous province in Serbia), Slovenia (regional)

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Below you can read a few interesting facts about the languages taught by us:

Why is it important to know more languages?


  • language exam is an essential part of a degree

  • you have better chances on the employment market by speaking more than two foreign languages by learning and acquiring a new language a new world opens its gates

  • by learning and acquiring a new language, a new world opens its gates

  • you can have the opportunity to make yourself understood in any part of the world
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